A Bold

A Bold

Our Approach

At TG we have a bold approach to drug development, centered on developing broad solutions for patients rather than developing single therapies for a disease.

Our process begins first by identifying validated targets against B-Cell diseases, and then searching for and acquiring  “best-in-class” compounds with complementary mechanisms against these targets, with the goal of developing multi-drug proprietary targeted combinations, which can offer better outcomes for patients.

IDENTIFY validated targets known to be important in the treatment of B-cell diseases

Our approach is to systematically identify targets that have either proven activity or hold promise in the treatment of B-cell diseases. Our preference is to identify targets for which there is human clinical proof of concept in B-cell diseases and then to identify drug candidates that effectively inhibit or modulate the desired molecular target.

ACQUIRE “best-in-class” compounds that have the potential to offer improvements over available therapies

Our goal is to identify potential best-in-class, rationally designed, drug candidates at academic centers of excellence or in development at biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies globally. Our current drug candidates were acquired through license agreements, collaborations, or joint ventures with entities located in the US, France, Switzerland, India, and China. Through this approach, we aim to minimize target risk while identifying the best available drug candidates around the world.

DEVELOP multi-drug combinations as unique solutions toward functional cures

Our clinical development strategy is built on developing active, novel agents, with a focus in B-cell diseases. We strive to develop multiple complementary drug candidates that not only have promising activity as single agents, but may work better together in multi-drug targeted combinations which provide treatment solutions for patients. Importantly, because we are solely focused on B-cell diseases and acquiring complementary assets,  we can rapidly explore combination therapies, which we believe is essential to providing best outcomes for patients and holds the key to identifying cures in the future.

Our approach is enabled by our clinical development platform which includes:

An internal team with a deep understanding of B-cell diseases and the treatment of patients; and

A vast external network of more than 350 community and academic clinical trial sites globally, specializing in B-cell diseases.