Our Approach

At TG Therapeutics, we have a bold approach to develop novel, non-chemotherapy medicines for patients with B-cell diseases, specifically autoimmune diseases.

Our process can be divided into 3 distinct steps: 1) Strategically identify genes and pathways known to drive the abnormal behavior of B-cells; 2) Acquire and optimize compounds with “best-in-class” potential; and 3) Develop complementary and synergistic drug and drug combinations.

This unique vision is enabled by:

An exceptional internal team with a deep understanding of B-cell diseases and significant experience successfully pioneering innovative treatments for these complex diseases

A vast external global network of community and academic clinical trial sites dedicated to research in B-cell diseases


Leveraging the expertise of our internal team and external collaborators, we strategically identify those genes and pathways known to drive the abnormal behavior of B-cells, leading to lymphoma, leukemia, and autoimmune disorders.


We acquire and optimize compounds with “best-in-class” potential with the goal of bringing new treatments to patients that are highly effective, safe, and convenient. We do this by seeking out rationally designed drug candidates from academic centers of excellence or compounds in development at biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.


Relying on our deep understanding of B-cell physiology, disease pathogenesis, and pharmacology, our drug development team begins the process of identifying those complementary drug combinations that have the potential to improve patient outcomes without compromising convenience. These combinations are conceived with a focus on honing the individual drug effects against the disease-causing B-cells, while striving to limit the “off-target” effects that can lead to certain toxicities.