Welcome to TG Therapeutics, where the fearless pursuit of innovative multi-drug treatments for patients with B-cell diseases is our sole focus.

From the start, our passion and drive has been centered on the belief that combinations of non-chemotherapy novel agents will achieve the best outcomes for patients so dearly in need. Our motivation to find a cure has only grown year over year. Like many folks, our team members’ lives have been personally touched by B-cell diseases. Whether it’s a grandmother with marginal zone lymphoma, an uncle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a friend with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, or one of our own with multiple sclerosis, at TG Therapeutics this is personal, and we will not stop until we have done our best to improve the lives of those with these diseases. You can be sure our heart is in this!

Our quest to develop the best solution is for our family members, our friends, and all those affected by these diseases. We have built a robust toolbox of potential medicines to try to stop these insidious diseases, which today include 3 targeted therapies and 3 immunotherapies. By rationally combining these potential medicines, we can attack the disease from multiple directions and hopefully develop a combination with the potential to deliver that holy grail of a cure to patients. The model of developing a single drug is not a solution but merely a piece of a puzzle. At TG Therapeutics, we are here to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle. We strive to create the solution for patients, not merely to develop single drugs.

It is that passion and commitment that serves as a guiding light and resonates within each team member here at TG Therapeutics, and I’m so proud of the dedication and relentless persistence that our team brings with them each and every day.

At TG Therapeutics we have big ideas, take bold actions, and are fearless in our pursuit to develop the best possible treatment solutions for those with B-cell diseases. We will not quit working! We will not stop until the disease does!


Michael S. Weiss
CEO – TG Therapeutics