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Our Science

Our objective is to develop and bring to market the most promising medicines based on the transformative potential of combining targeted therapies with immune therapies.  At the core of this effort is our unique approach that combines talented people with a deep understanding of b-cell diseases and an unrelenting desire to identify the best compounds to attack b-cell diseases.

Our Approach

Our approach is to systematically identify targets that have proven activity in the treatment of B-cell diseases. Our preference is to identify targets for which there is human clinical proof of concept that the mechanism is active in B-cell diseases and then to identify drug candidates that effectively engage or block the desired molecular target.

Search and Acquire the right medicines…search the globe for the best compounds to attack the target.

We identify these drug candidates at academic centers of excellence or in development at biotech companies or pharmaceutical companies globally. Our current drug candidates were acquired through license agreements, collaborations, or joint ventures with biopharmaceutical companies located in the US, France, Switzerland, India, and China. This approach enables us to minimize target risk while looking for the best available drug candidates around the world.

Design and Execute the right trials…design clinical trials that offer the broadest possible labeling.

  • By focusing on B-cell diseases and targets with a known activity profile, we believe that we can quickly identify the patients most likely to respond, resulting in a more efficient development path with a greater likelihood of success. Importantly, since all our drug candidates are focused in one disease area, we can rapidly explore combination therapies, which we believe is essential to providing best outcomes for patients and holds the key to identifying cures for patients with B-cell diseases.
  • Our approach is enabled by our clinical development platform which includes:
  • An internal team with a deep understanding of B-cell diseases and the treatment of patients; and
  • An external clinical trials network composed of over 200 community and academic clinical trial sites globally, specializing in B-cell diseases.

Targeted Therapy