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    • TG is a young company with big dreams of leading the way to cures for B-cell diseases by combining targeted therapy with immunotherapy.
    • We are all about patient care. Our ratio of Oncology Nurses to All Employees is unsurpassed by any company in the biopharmaceutical industry with almost 10% of our workforce trained and formerly practicing oncology nurses.  Layer on top of that our team of medical oncologists and former clinical research staff from academic and community cancer centers and almost 25% of our employees have had direct patient contact.
    • To say we are passionate about finding the safest, most efficacious medicines for patients with B-cell diseases is an understatement and we won’t give up until we have created the combination that produces the best outcome for patients.
    • We are looking for motivated, hard-working, talented, honest and, above all, nice people to join our team to help us realize our dream of a world without dying from b-cell diseases.